Featured projects from 2014 to present

In college, during my spare time, I briefly delved into remixing. In September 2016, under the name LRN, I created a world remix of "Under Electric Skies" by EDM artist Nytrix, as a submission for his remix contest on Wavo. The track placed 52nd out of several hundred entries and garnered appreciation from Nytrix himself.

Whilst I do not consider myself a composer, 'The Spy' happens to be one of my favourite pieces of coursework so far. A few months after submitting the original MIDI composition for my Level 3 Diploma, I reworked it and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

From September 2015 to June 2017, I studied Music Technology at Bedford College and earned a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma. This playlist showcases some of my coursework submissions.

In 2014, I chose to take Music Technology as one of my AS-levels at Vandyke Upper School and Community College, after being introduced to the subject in GCSE Music. This playlist above showcases the coursework I created that year.

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