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Featured projects from 2014 to present

This is the unmastered version – click 'Get Single' to stream the official release.

During my gap year between college and university, I recorded and mixed Bletchley singer-songwriter Billy Nomad's second album, Live from The Albion Sanatorium. We recorded it entirely in his spare room in front of a live audience of 10 people, mostly in one take, and with little more acoustic treatment than an upturned mattress... This naturally proved to be a challenge to mix, but we got there in the end! Here is "Should I", the first single from the album, with more to follow soon.

In college, during my spare time, I briefly delved into remixing. In September 2016, under the name LRN, I created a world remix of "Under Electric Skies" by EDM artist Nytrix, as a submission for his remix contest on Wavo. The track placed 52nd out of several hundred entries and garnered appreciation from Nytrix himself.

While I do not consider myself a composer, 'The Spy' happens to be one of my favourite pieces of coursework so far. A few months after submitting the original MIDI composition for my Level 3 Diploma, I felt it could be improved, so I reworked it and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

From September 2015 to June 2017, I studied Music Technology at Bedford College and earned a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma. This playlist showcases some of my favourite coursework submissions.

In 2014, I chose to take Music Technology as one of my AS-levels at Vandyke Upper School and Community College, after being introduced to the subject in GCSE Music. This playlist above showcases the coursework I created that year.

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